anna grzelec



Direction: Emílio Brandão
Cinematography: Anna Grzelec
Country: Sweden
Year: 2011

"The winter is over, I need to cut my hair..." and "I feel hungry..." are briefly two sentences behind the idea of this short film. The aim was to explore and approach both the opportunities and challenges that stop-motion filming technique gives when creating a film. In other words, this technique serves us with unbelievable freedom to build surrealistic actions. Obviously for the viewer,a fork is unexpected to work as a new haircut tool but the ease of the action shows its success. On one hand, the sound paraphernalia suggests lots of other cutting tools that would do the job, but on the other hand the "victim" of this unusual haircut acts as if this fork is his favourite haircut tool. At the end we can see that the fork doesn't work just for cutting hair, when the role of the unexpected is taken by the film's action itself. The film highlights the contrast between the expected and the unexpected, showing that both are present around us at all times. We just have to discover the opportunities to change perspectives, and dare to try.



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